Laila Majnu

Laila Majnu (2018 film)

Sources say Laila Majnu is directed by Sajid Ali, but the latest Bollywood version of an old love story cannot escape the trademark seal of his brother and co-writer Imtiaz Ali. A quote that tries to turn the star-lover’s story on its head, contemporary Laila Majnu has several recurring themes. We also get dialogue similar to some of the franchise’s previous films, a tormented hero and female lead whose point of view is hardly important.

Sajid Ali’s style seems partly independent and partly inspired by his brother. Perhaps this explains the schizophrenic nature of this film. The tone varies greatly with the first half looking amateurish, much like the champs, and the second half bringing oomph to the proceedings.

Ali’s story is set in Kashmir, where laila (Tripti Demri) is the spoiled daughter of a politician whose beauty attracts many fans. She enjoys attention while dreaming of the perfect man who will sweep her off her feet. Kais (Avinash Tiwari) is also a spoiled child who lives on his rich father. He overcomes Lila, convinced that their love is a love that transcends social barriers and enmity between their illustrious families.

But Laila’s father does not share her views, rejects their romance and marries her to his student Iban (Sumit Kaul). Sadly Kayes leaves Kashmir, returning after four years. But something has changed. Case is not the same cocky youth he used to be. From now on, Leila Majno acquires an almost unreal feel to her.

Layla is within reach but still not his, and as realization approaches, Case slowly disintegrates. A man who was already on the verge of collapse, spiraled into delusion. Ali captures this breakup in detail, and shows us Case laughing madly, dancing like a possessed man and babbling like crazy.

In the films of Imtiaz Ali such as “Rockstar”, “Jab Harry Met Sejal” and “Tamasha”, the focus is always on the man and how he reacts to unrequited love. The tormented, anxious hero is a recurrent theme in all of his films, and in “Leila Majno” we see another version of him. To credit to Avinash Tiwary, he sinks his teeth in the role and has an engaging screen that makes it hard to take your eyes off him.

On the other hand, Demre is there for the cosmetic effect. It only acts as a catalyst for Kaes’ self-destruction, which is best because she doesn’t quite match Tiwary in terms of acting chops. The uneven acting is in keeping with the rest of the film, which swings wildly between occasional bouts of clarity and absurdity.

Laila Majnu (2018 film)

Laila Majnu (Indian pronunciation: [lɛːlaː mədʒnuː]) is a 2018 Indian romance film starring Avinash Tiwari and Triti Dimri. Presented by Imtiaz Ali and co-produced by Ekta Kapoor, Shobha Kapoor and Preity Ali. The film is directed by Sajid Ali.

The film was released in theaters on September 7, 2018.

Taking a leap from the classic folklore of star-crossed Laila and Majnun lovers, the story takes place in the present day in Kashmir where Laila and Majnu face problems relevant to today’s youth. While dealing with their feuding families, a passionate love story unfolds. Layla, who appears as a girl living in her fantasy world, always dreaming of a ‘special’ person in her life, meets Qais (Mecnun) on a fateful night when she secretly left her home to pray in a cemetery to meet. Love her. Qais and his friends track her down until Laila finally gives him her mobile number. The story moves into the intimate romantic relationship between the leaders, against the backdrop of the rivalry between their families. Soon, news of their romance becomes the talk of town, which eventually reaches Laila’s family and her father warns her to stay away from someone of such a bad reputation. Despite the warning, Laila continues to see Qais and is eventually caught red-handed. Leila forcibly married Eban, who supports her father politically.

Heartbroken and Kais leave town while Layla and her husband struggle with domestic violence. After they meet 4 years later, Layla and Qais are overwhelmed by the desire to stay together. Laila’s husband left and opened the door for family reunification, but Laila was required to stay away from Qais until the waiting period for a month.

However, things take an ugly turn when Qais, tired of waiting, flees to the mountains. Soon the mystics shocked him and realized that he did not need Laila to complete his love. Laila also realizes that Qais no longer needs her. She ends her life shortly after Qais dies near her grave and the lovers’ reunion is seen after death.


Tripti Dimri as Laila

Avinash Tiwary as Qais Bhatt / Majnu

Farhana Bhat as Jasmeet

Duaa Bhat as Shama

Benjamin Gilani as Sarwar

Parmeet Sethi as Masood

Sumit Kaul as Ibban

Sahiba Bali as Ambreen

Abrar Qazi as Zaid

Shagufta Ali as Laila’s Aunt

Mir Sarwar as Qais’ Brother-in-law

Vasundhara Kaul as Qais’s Sister

Sujata Sehgal as Laila’s Mother

RJ Rafiq as Tauseef

Moomin Rafiq as Umer

Shahid Gulfam as Rasool


Hitesh Sonik composed the film’s background score and Niladri Kumar, Joi Barua and Alif composed the songs. The lyrics of the song were written by Irshad Kamel, Mahmoud Jamy and Mohamed Monem. The first single “Ahista” was released on August 9, 2018. This was followed by a song titled “Ya Meri Laila” on August 13, 2018.

Hitesh Sonik composed the film’s background score and Niladri Kumar, Joi Barua and Alif composed the songs. The lyrics of the song were written by Irshad Kamel, Mahmoud Jamy and Mohamed Monem. The first song “Ahista” was released on August 9, 2018, followed by the song “Ya Meri Laila” on August 13, 2018.

Track listing
1.“Aahista”Niladri KumarArijit SinghJonita Gandhi5:20
2.“O Meri Laila”Joi BaruaAtif AslamJyotica Tangri4:41
3.“Tum”Niladri KumarAtif Aslam4:39
4.“Hafiz Hafiz”Niladri KumarMohit Chauhan5:39
5.“Sarphiri”Niladri KumarShreya GhoshalBabul Supriyo4:05
6.“Gayee Kaam Se”Joi BaruaDev NegiAmit SharmaMeenal Jain4:13
7.“Lala Zula Zalio”Joi BaruaFrankie (Kashmiri), Joi Barua, Sunidhi Chauhan3:00
8.“O’Meri Laila” (Radio Version)Joi BaruaJoi Barua3:11
9.“Tum” (Version 2)Niladri KumarJaved Ali4:41
10.“Katyu Chuko”AlifMohammad Muneem3:04
Total length:42:33

Awards and nominations

Date of CeremonyAwardsCategoryRecipient(s) and nominee(s)ResultRef.
16 February 2019Mirchi Music AwardsUpcoming Music Composer of The YearNiladri Kumar – “Aahista”Won[11][12]
Lyricist of The YearIrshad Kamil – “Aahista”Nominated
23 March 201964th Filmfare AwardsRd Burman Award For Upcoming Talent in Film MusicNiladri KumarWon[13]
Best Playback Singer (Female)Jonita Gandhi – “Ahista”Nominated[14]

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